Inside An Impressive Stylish Small House -- Owning a small house on restricted land is not a sad thing.  In order for the room in it to feel heated, of course you need to arrange the spatial arrangement efficiently and functionally. In addition to the limitations of land that sometimes affect the arrangement, you need to choose the right interior in order to have its own function.

Facade of the house

This house does look minimalist in size and quite small.  But you do not get me wrong yes, the interior does not need be doubted. Open impression of the use of black iron hollow fence is selected with a fairly stretched distance and more open. Fresh air can also be felt from the plants placed in the mini garden of this house. The use of the roof was also chosen with   cast of flat concrete for an industrial impression and more modern even in small land.

Living room

The living room in this house already appears to be open from the facade of the house using glass doors to make it more open. Fresh atmosphere is also cool from the fish pond in front og the terrace with cast concrete that is used ad footrest. This certainly gives the industrial feel more felt.


Bedroom in this house have a minimalist interior and more elegant. The open space bedroom area with the garden provides a fresh atmosphere more soothing because of the glass doors that are used as space barriers. The interior of the selected room is quite minimalist with white color and not such much furniture inside. Lounge chairs placed outside this room have a coffee table with more natural and impressive wood materials.


Kitchen that utilizes the back area of the house with a fairly small space you can try. In addition to the impression of a homey ad elegant because use of interiors in accordance with the color white and also back. Cabinet is in this kitchen is quite simple with a size that is not so large as a place to store groceries and also cooking furniture.

Dining room

Dining room that utilizes space void area is intended to change the outdoor atmosphere to make it more enjoyable. The dining room located behind the kitchen is also located in the area near the stairs to the rooftop of this house. The interior used also looks compatible with other black spaces are more elegant and impressive. a set of dining tables looks stylish with a floor without finishing that feels more industrially dominant.

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