6 Space Saving Solutions For Small Bedrooms


Homeshabby.com -- Having a small bedroom is not a problem, you can arrange the room to make it look wider. Add a multifunctional furniture or decorations in order to save space and save costs. Here's 6 spaces saving solutions for small bedrooms for you!

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Storing items in vertical storage close to the wall makes the room appear wider because the arrangement is not wide. You can make a shelf from wooden planks which are then attached with ropes to form a shelf and then hook it to the side of the wall. You can also choose a bed as well as clothes storage to create a space saving impression.

Picture: @taruna_home

The decoration in this bedroom is quite good as a room that applies a space saving concept. The wardrobe in this room consist of a vertical cupboard and an upper cabinet so that at the bottom it can be filled with a sofa that can be used to sit back and relax in the room. The presence of lanterns and tabe lamps provides maximum lighting to the room.

Picture: @griyoherfi

Don't worry if you want to add a queen bed to your tiny bedroom because you can arrang it so that it doesn't look full. Place the be in the corner of the room then place other items in front of the bed. With this trick the room doesn't look full.

Picture: @kamartidursederhana

Bedrooms with colorful nuances make people comfortable and feel cozy in them. In order to save more space, you can put small items to shelves attached to the walls. While items with large sizes can be placed in drawers as well as tables.

Picture: @home_byhesho

The presence of mirrors in the bedroom makes the bedroom seem more spacious. There are two mirrors in this room, a large mirror and attached mirror. There is also a large window functions as a place for air circulation and natural lighting.

Picture: @kamartidursederhana

The bedroom design with space saving style use modern style seen from  the furniture use. This room contained a aesthetic Scandinavian chair, the bed looks beautiful and purposed because you can put lots of stuff on the bottom of the bed.

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