Best Inspiration Clever Furniture For Smaller Homes -- Nowdays most developers build houses of the same size and small type. Because of the limited land that is thinning for home decoration, so you can arrange and choose cleverly. The selection of furniture for a narrow space in the house of course you need to consider so that the impression of spacious and wiggle room can also be felt. Well, this time will share a few reviews on how best to arrange furniture on a small house to make it feel more spacious.

Kitchen set in the form of letter L

Decrotaion by : teni_feriyanto

Clever way that you can do if you have a small room of course is to reduse the use of furniture in it. Well on of them is the kitchen that becomes a room stacked with cooking furniture. But you can get around this so that the room feels more relieved by using a kitchen set in the form of letter L. In additon to maximizing other space, this letter L kitchen set can also fit a lot of furniture that you have.

Using a sofa bed

Decrotaion by : nisabaadila

If you have a small living room or family room, just use a multifunctional sofa like this. The use of sofa beds like this is very suitable to be put in the living room in the house. In addition to functioning to sit can also be  to lay down the body and watch TV For the surest way can also add look more spacious you can also add wide ventilation at the top as seen to give an open impression on a small space.

Bedroom without bed

Decrotaion by : dianaulfah_

Using a bedroom without a bed like this is one way to make the room feel more spacious. In addition, the mirror that is joined with the place to dress up is able to give a reflection of light in the space for a more open impression.

Combining living room and TV room

Decrotaion by : aprina_cahyani

To give a broad impression on the house that has a small and more open posesion. You can combine TV room and living room without bulkhead so that it can give a spacious impression without tightness. The use of furniture can also be adjusted without having to put excessive items. This is able to make the atmoshpere in the room more relieved so that the furniture option can be very clever to do.

Kitchen set minimalis

Decrotaion by : dapurimpiankoe

Another alternative if you have a minimalist sized house is tou use a minimalist kitchen set and not excessive. Such as the following inspiration that use a kitchen set with just one stove. This kind of design is perfect for those of you who are single or newly married.

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