6 Wall Decor Living Room Ideas to Refresh Your Space

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Homeshabby.com -- Simple, unique and stylish living room wall decorations can make the room look more beautiful, attractive and special. Confused choosing the right wall decor ? Take a peek at the ideas in this article! The living room is the main area that will be the first impression for people visiting the house and it doesn't need to be expensive, with simple decorations on the wall, it can make the room more special.


1. Macrame crafts for wall decoration

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The vintage impression that is displayed from the macrame decorations has proven not to be lost to the times. Like the macrame craft that was installed as a wall decor in this living room, the game of color immediately creates contrast and blends in with the feel of a beautiful living room as a focal point.


2. Family photo among beautiful knick knacks decor

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You can also decorate the living room wall with family photos. The presence of this decoration will make the room feel more comfortable and warm. Don't forget to choose a frame that matches the design of the room. More cool and attracts the eyes of visiting guests thanks to the beautiful ornaments on the open shleves on the living room wall.


3. Abstract painting wall decoration

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Other decorations include abstract paintings with modern and classic living room themes. It look beautiful agains the unique hanging lamp ornaments and various rustic decorations that make the living room atmosphere warm. Placed on the back wall of the sofa to make the existence of the sofa not seem empty.


4. Artifical plant wall decoration (wreath)

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If your home has a beautiful and sweet style concept like shabby chic. A living room with a flower motif game can look cheerful and festive if you fill in the blanks of the walls with various beautiful decorative ornaments that are easy to maintain. Like the circular leaves or wreaths that adorn the walls with carved wood as a beautiful and charming shelf.


5. Mirrors can be a living room wall decoration

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Mirrors are generalli placed in the bedroom or bathroom. Even though the mirror can also be placed in any room, one of them is the living room. In addition to beautifying the room, mirrors can also create a broad impression in a small living room. 


Those are some wall decoration ideas to decorate the living room. Hopefully these ideas can help you in choosing a suitable living room decoration.


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