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Homeshabby.com -- If you have the 2nd floor, of course there will be a terrace area normally used for leisure and also gathering while barbeque with a beloved family. With a modern design, teh roof terrace area would be very comfortable it could be used. Some of the desgins in roof terrace this time will be redecorated for you to make the terrace beautiful and fashionable.

Roof terrace by : rumah_purnama

The area of the roof terrace like this can used as a business shop, as well as adding roof terrace design income to scale up would certainly sell well. You can use this area as a business center to get together with your family for a small party. These open-ended relaxing desinging and chandeliers add a sweeter look and more attractive to apply at home.

Roof terrace by : yzeahsapdukkani

The design of the terrace roof is minimal with a white exterior that seat more white with a foam seat appears more comfortable. This area of the terrace is exposed to the use of glass as a boundary and also to provide comfort for your child. The terraces like this look mush cooler if you place some of the decorations of refreshing greenery.

Roof terrace by : balkon_design

Not unlike the designs of the previous roof terrace, the owner liked the simple and semi-classic style because of the full neutral selection of the exterior. To give you your keystroke while relaxing, these loose couches are picked out as an area trick in order to look broader. The selection of the gray sofa exterior to give a more warm feel, even thought the area looks open you can add an umbrella as a way to block direct exposure to the sun.

Roof terrace by : zeitzumlesen

The fresh atmosphere from the terrace looks more homey. To give you comfort when you relax, you can place some chairs with cushions to give you a sense of comfort while sitting. As a more attractive decoration, you may be able to place various plant to give a more refreshing impression.

Roof terrace by : rumahnayyara20

The roof terrace in the house this time looks more exposed without a roof cover to protect them. The two seats left in the terrace area are cozy. In order to give you more fresh shade, you can put plants as a barrier to the feeling of heat and more shade. To provide protection, this boundary is used as a decorations of the more elegant back iron hollow.

Roof terrace by : teni_feriyanto

This one terrace is more crisp than some of the thoroughest plants arranged at he edges. A variety of plants you can place in the rooftop terrace area to cool off more. if you want a more functional area, just put two iron chairs in place to make your relaxed atmosphere even more enjoyable.

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