6 Living Room Decor Tricks For A Standout Space


Homeshabby.com -- The living room is one of the first areas of the house. As a gathering place with familiy and colleagues, the living room at home certainly needs the right decorations and arrangement to make it standout and become the focal point of the entire room and make it comfortable. To be more standout and comfortable, you can try some these tricks to provide a new and more interesting atmosphere.

Living room by : micasa165

Minimalism with a sofa set is present in this shooting pastel living room. This simple decoration in white makes the living room feel clean and spacious. Functional as a family room in this section, it gives a lively and warm impression. Some wall decorations and dry plants add a natural feel to it. The decor in the backdrop area of this TV comes with the right arrangement for a neater and more functional impression.

Living room by : indahnur

Feel standout with the use of a brown sofa in this living room balancing a minimalist look for the dominant white interior. You can cover this small space with additional windows for acces to light and air into the space. In addition, some plant decorations on this part of the shels space make the impression more natural and the appearance an aesthetic. As a trick of space to make it look big and relief, you can use a mirror for a wider impression.

Living room by : bloginnara

A clean room is certainly everyone's desire, starting from the interior and some of the furniture that complements it. In order to impress and relieve this living room, use white for the interior combined with a few more standouts. Like the vertical patterned sofa in pink, it looks warm and feminine. Not only that, the door to this room also has a more striking color so that it feels full color and becomes an attraction when it comes.

Living room by : veyalvia22

The decorations on the walls in this living room appear in an aesthetic style and become teh focal point in this area. Choosing a matching interior can also give a unified and balanced impression. Don't forget a sofa set that you can add different patterned pillows for a homey feel. Curtains that cover this part of the window can provide privacy for your guests who come.

Living room by : surhayati_dwi

So that the living room at home feels spacious, you can choose the use of this letter L sofa. It feel warm and cozy with pastel colors that match the walls which makes this room even more homey. To add a little decoration to the wall, place a wall decor that looks like a blooming flower to give it a more aesthetic and attractive impression. The open space with the room next to certainly make some guest feel uncomfortbale, but you can add a divider for a more private impression.

Living room by : ayuchfebriyant

A sofa set for the living room at home seems more functional and will certainly provide sufficient space. The monochrome style that is present in this chapel section makes the living room appear more standout and attractive. Not only that, this living room also gives aspacious impression thanks to the window at the end of the room for acces to light and fresh air to enter.

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