6 Large Indoor Plants for Your Beatiful Home


Homeshabby.com -- The beauty if the interior of the house  is not far from the proper styling and decoration. But some decorations of course make you want to replace with a different atmosphere. Well, exactly because this time homeshabby.com will give you a little review about large indoor plants for beautiful houses. Let's take a look at the explanation.

Decoration by : luluwidayanti

For the living room this time the owner choose ficus plant as an aditional decoration to impress more naturally. Well, the selection of large indoor plant for beautiful homes you can choose with easy maintanance. Just put it in the area by window, the atmosphere of the living room like this will certainly get freseher and far from boring words.

Decoration by : vella_velz

Well, of course this one plant is familiar. This type of monteras that is very viral can make the right decoration for indoor or outdoor areas at home. you can combine some other furniture such as rattan chairs, ratta puffs and some other rustic-looking elements. The choice of large plants for beautiful house like this can be adjusted to the size of the space to feel more spacious and cool.

Decoration by : ummufaaza_

In addition to the living room and rooms that need decoration, the kitchen also needs the right arrangement and decoration to be more beautiful. For the selection of large plants in a beautiful house into the house, you can use palm plants to make this kitchen feel fresher. The treatment of this palm plant is quite easy, you can water it twice a week and pay attention to the sunlight to make it more fertile.

Decoration by : vella_velz

In addition to the large plants for your pretty house, some other plants area very interesting for decoration the space. As in this area the owner likes the combination of interior and simple setup but still beatiful. You can use sansiverioa plant as an additional decoration fresher and more natural. The combination of the interior that looks similar gives it a rustic style because more with natural materials in some part such as, puff, long chairs and wooden standing lamps located the corner of the room looks interesting.

Decoration by : meyca_avivi

The living room in this house appears open space with kitchen area as well as then space, making the house more homey and relieved. The combination of the right interior and the decoration of the heliconia plant can be the right choice for you to try. Large plants for beautiful house can be place in the middle of the middle of the room to feel more beautiful and natural.

Decoration by : anis_zara15

Surely you already know with this one plant. This plant named money tree or pachira aquatica has myth or is believed to be a tree of luck if braiding its trunk as mush as 3 or 5. In addition to being shady, this plant can be combined with other plants to add fresh atmosphere in the house.

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