6 Beautiful Indoor House Plants That Are Also Easy to Maintain


Homeshabby.com -- Do you find a home atmosphere that looks cool and refreshing ? Or do you need decoration to make it look different and beautiful than usual ? Well, this time we will share a few reviews to decorate the room area with indoor plants tha have easy maintenance and can be found anywhere. Let's look at the following explanation. May be useful.

Aloe vera

Plants by : yuli_agusershi

Aloe vera plants, including plants that have many benefits. Maintenance is quite easy, you just need to water this plant regularly and palce it in a place near the window to get maximum light intake. In addition, you can put this plant indoor for a fresher atmosphere.

Plants by : iam_didi83

The peace lily plant has many benefits that aren't much different from aloe vera. This indoor plant is perfect if you place it indoor with a million benefits, One of the benefits is to reduce airbone mold spores so that is can clean the sorrounding air. So that this type if peace lily plant is perfect if you put it indoors or on the terrace of the house with easy care.

Plants by : tamanimpiankoe

This sensiveria has thick green leaf stalks with yellow markings on the edges. Beside being suitbale for the room, sensiveria is appropriate if used aas an accent for the front area like this. Has the advantage that is quite popular with the benefits that area undoubtedly as an air pollution absorber that can make hair shint all day long. Easy maintenance, this plant is resisitant to all weather by growing like bananas.

Seculent plant

Plants by : surgadirumahku

This type if seculent plants is still in the family with cacti, but in contrast to the cactus, this seculent plants has the character of absorbing and storing water stored in its main barrier. You can place this seculent plant in an area near the window with sufficient sunlight, but no direnctly exposed to sunlight. You can water this plant once a week while still paying attention to other tratments.

Palm Plants

Plants by : tamarauribeph

Beside being suitable for outdoor areas, this palm plant provides an aesthetic to a space and an atmosphere that is much more beautiful than usual. You can adjust the various types of palms if you place the in the room. You can use a yellow palm which is quite minimalist in size with pinnate leaves that area brighter yellow than others. You need to water it and place it in an area near the sun so that it grows lush and beatiful.

Cactus plants

Plants by : windadawiastari

Cactus is a plant that many lovers of ornamental plants enjoy doing, chosen because it is very easy to care for. You can put this plant in the yard of the house or int the room or workplace to add excitement. Besides being popular, this cactus plant has a decorative impression with types that vary from small to large. So that this cactus plant is interesting for decorating your living room at home.

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