Rooftop Garden, 5 Inspiring Rooftop Terrace Ideas


Picture : @ravaromeohome -- Hi loyal readers For those of you who have a house with a roof or a terraced house, the seating area in the rooftop garden can be an option at home. This outdoor area on the top floor not only provides an interesting view but also coolness both inside and out. This outdoor area can be functioned as a garden or various other space functions. Here are some rooftop designs that function into useful spaces and make the residence more enjoyable.

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1. Gardening area with comfortable lounge chairs

The roof area can also be used for gardening. Make the air inside the house more comfortable with the many plants that grow around the residence and the roof of the house it self. In addition to providing a beautiful view, this roof area can also be functioned to grow ornamental plants and plants that can be consumed or for cooking materials.

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2. Seating and gathering area

Designing a roof area with a trellis fence and a gathering place equipped with swing chairs from teak wood that is weatherproff outdoors, will make the atmosphere more familiar for family members. This swing chair shaded by a fabric canopy also keeps people inside protected from the sun. Plus comfortable sofa cushions make the activity more relaxing.

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3. Spacious rooftop with furniture set for all activities

If you're a nature lover and happen to have limited land, why not process your roof area into a living room, where you hang out with friends, relatives and family. It can also be an outdoor dining room with a soothing dining atmosphere and more happy. The presence of guardrails will not be boring, can be added box shelves as a medium plant arranged paraller along the fence to provide air conditioning when discussing.

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4. Rooftop width and simple for play area

Rooftop that usually uses dak cast floor, you can decorate by coating synthetic grass with the edge of the wooden floor bengkirai PVC finishing line motif equipped with hooks so that it can be installed independently. So the rooftop garden design of your home will become more modern and elegant. The feal of the garden can be represented by placing a large tree in a pot to fill the corner of the empty roof. So if used for tha play area will also remain safe and airy.

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5. Multifunctional rooftop terrace design

The design of the roof terrace of this house, quite multifunctional because of the size can be utilized for all activities, whether for laundry area, drying clothes, relaxing or playing children. Don't forget to always pay attention to the safe height of the fence and the addition of an iron roof as a hanging plant display and also protect agains overheating sunlight.

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