Best 6 Cozy Balcony Ideas and Decor Inspiration


Picture : @arsitag -- Those of you who have a terraced house must be familiar with the existence of a balcony. Space stands out on the top floor, like a terrace with a shape and size that suits the building and the tastes of its residents. The balcony is one if the home spots to find inspiration or just have family or friends. It doesn't matter how big the balcony is as long as you can add decorations that fit the balcony.

Creating a new and comfortable atmosphere on the balcony of the house is not difficult, you can apply some inspirational design ideas and nuances from the following decorations :

Picture : @arsitag 

For those of you who want to have a balcony without a lot of furniture or decorations, you can apply this minimalist design. Changing the roof with a sloping barrier of iron pergola fence decorated with vines that can reduce the sun's heat that is too annoying. 

As for the floor mats, you can cover it with synthetic grass with green nuances, so it becomes more cozy and comfortable for a place of privacy when reading a book or just enjoying the view from a minimalist balcony.

Picture : @avie_novi

You can design a more spacious balcony 4 meters in front, limited by the presence of a tempered glass galvanized iron fence decorated with ornamental plants, it feels more beautiful for a place to exercise in the morning. The floor is still with synthetic grass, while for a coffee shop, a balcony terrace with a red brick floor, you can add rattan chairs and a coffee table which is more shady and comfortable.

Picture : @lucia_acid

You can make a balcony facing east or west as a suitable space for relaxation and enjoying the wide view full of vitamins that nourish the body. This minimalist balcony with a size range of 1 x 3 meters has bright white shades, with an iron fence and tempered glass doors that can make maximum lighting into other rooms. Lounge chairs and an angled coffee table make the small balcony more functional.

Picture : @imaasyida

This balcony design is quite interesting, utilizing a carport roof with a suitable are as a balcony area for relaxing as well as a children's play and camping area. 

The floor is made of flat steel that is strong and not slippery, limited by a protective iron fence with ireegular iron trellis and a height that adjust the child's height so that it remains safe for the play area. You can put a small tent, with various children's favorite toys as well as chairs and relaxing tables as family friends when gathering to enjoy a fresh and fun atmosphere.


Picture : @kesaawid2711

Balconies can be more shady and cool by designing them to be more semi-outdoor. Adding a dak cast roof or a canopy that can protect your relaxing time from direct sun exposure. The floor looks more colorful, thanks to the use of patterned tile tile decorated with green plants in neatly arranged pots and still give a broad impression on the balcony.

Picture : @evieninon

Want to presents a rustic and classic impression on the tiny balcony of your house ? You can minimize the part of the floor, namely decorating it with 4 ply finishing plain line wood tiles which are quite affordable, around 40 thousand per tile depending on the needs of the balcony of the house. In addition to its beautiful and natural apperance, you can also collaborate with wynthetic grass and coral gravel which can add a more charming balcony area.

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