6 Small Living Room Decorating and Design Ideas


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Homeshabby.com -- Hi bund, how are you today? In accordance with the headline, if the problem of living room design and decoration is in a narrow space, it must be diverse. Moreover, it provides comfort for its residents. As the first area in the house, the living room is the most important element. Besides functioning as an area for receiving guests, this room is also an area that can represent the character of the residents. 

Still confused about designing a small space ? The following 6 designs can inspire you to decorate a small living room.

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Do you want to have a unique and unusual appearance ? just try using a rustic style living room design. Rustic is a design style that displays the interior design of a space that cortains a natural impression. Uniquely, various patterns and motifs are deliberately combined to produce a calm that looks cheerful. The brown color and leaf motifts and orange accents on the pillows really look attractive and attract attention. Wooden parquet is also able to increase the atmosphere of a small living room to be calmer and warmer.


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More girly and clean from neutral paint coloring that can better reflect light in a small living room. Limited space is very easy to make it look spacious if you choose white. Meanwhile, to make it look more girly and beautiful, you can combine it with a touch of pastel shabby colors like dusty pink and decorative motifs on some elements of the living room.

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Scandinavian in a small living room is a design that emphasizes beauty and functionality. Presenting a simple, clean and airy concept. This is produced through the use of neutral colors such as white on the accent walls, beige and light brown from wood on the coffee table and gray on the comfortable single sofa. In addition, maximizing natural lighting with an open space position without limiting dividers.


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The design of this small living room looks roomy even though the colors produced from various interiors tend to be darker. This is thanks to the open plan layout in the living room, utilizing wooden bulkheads with various efficient storage as a barrier, as weel as decorating less space. 

The core part of the living room is equipped with a long black sofa bed, in harmony with a minimalist coffee table with a black iron frame and a wooden top which makes the room look warm and shady for the discussion area.


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In choosing a small living room interior, it is advisable to use a single sofa model like this one. Because it will make the space look more spacious and provide free space for movement. Not too much furniture and room decorations is the right way to organize a narrow space. 

Accompanied by a coffee table, a minimalist size table with a wooden or iron frame that is slim and space saving is supported by the lighting from a large window as an air vent.

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