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Homeshabby.com -- Those of you who like a country-style atmosphere may find it difficult to make this happen when living in a big city. In fact, you can still mams, give this farmhouse -style touch in your home. One of them is in the design of the home kitchen.

Farmhouse is a room design concepts that has been in vogue in recent years. The ideas is to create a warm, rustic, green kitchen in the old days. It is usually marked by the presence of wooden accents in several corners of the kitchen. Following 6+ green farmhouse kitchen decor ideas images for you !

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A farmhouse kitchen that started using neutral colors for the main accent that can highlight a typical rustic decor, especially wood and green plants. Then you can give a rustic touch through wood in the main interior, namely the kitchen set and other kitchen equipment. Don't forget to always add natural light effects and lighting so that the village atmosphere feels thicker in this village kitchen. 

The design looks beautiful and unique because of the combination of green finishing accents from the attractive lower cabinet.

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Give more wooden elements that can strengthen the rustic impression of the kitchen. Minimalist style with wood material collaboration with glossy metal paint finish, white color on the backplash and cabinet doors as well as a black iron frame that can enhance the farmhouse kitchen design to be more strong and modern. The arrangements of kitchen items looks tidier and relieved because the open storage area maximizes the kitchen walls.

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The kitchen atmosphere can also be combined with a modern touch that adapts to urban conditions. The kitchen set is closed in a modern minimalist style with high HPL material using a white color that looks clean. As for the village atmosphere, the green farmhouse kitchen theme is highlighted through wood elements with green leaf motifs in every element of the decor and interior of the home kitchen.

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The style is simpler with a kitchen set made of ceramic finishing bricks as a pettier kitchen upholstery. Not much looks like a farmhouse atmosphere, enough from green decorative plants and a little touch of rattan material from plants pots or other kitchen items. 

The apperance of this simple kitchen is no less beautiful, thanks to the clever interior layout with the addition of a cooker hood to anticipate the kitchen to avoid a stuffy atmosphere.

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You can use gloosy exposed ceramic or natural stone with a dense dark color on the kitchen top, then apply the exposed bricks on the backplash which is close to natural elements. The result is that the kitchen looks more classic and looks like farmhouse kitchen. Strengthen the impression by choosing wooden furniture and kitchen utensils that are not only usable, but wrthy of display.

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It doesn't have to be natural wood color, you can change the color according to your taste to make it more leverage. As it appears in the design of this farmhouse kitchen, which is mixed with vintage and modern classic to produce an incredibly unique interior.

The wood accents with the calm and soft paint, although appearing in a small size, do not prevent the kitchen from looking more elegant, the rustic atmosphere still feels from the ancient interior with carved textures on various elements.

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