How to Decorate a Modern Small Living Room -- Confused in decorating a small living room to make it look more spacious ? How to decorate a narrow living room is not an easy job. You will always have a confused, between meeting the nedd for function or aesthetics. A living room that is warm and comfortable but also beautiful in arrangement is certainly the dream of today's residents. So for those of you who are still confused about this problem ? Don't worry has several ways of decorating a small living room to be more modern. Check the inspiration below, beautiful mom :) Congratulations on listening.


1. Install a mirror to give a broad impression

The solution to using a mirror to give the impression of a spacious room is not something new. Well, according to this concept is prefect for those of you who have a small living room. Combine it with interior colors or brighter wall decorations and window openings with transparent curtains so that they can reflect outside light into the narrow living room. So that the space will seem more comfortable and people who visit will feel more at home.


2. The small living room is even more beautiful witt neutral and pastel colors

The choice of paint color for a small living room is very influential. According to a small living room is not very suitable when paired with bold or dark colors. Well, on the other hand, the use of colors such as white, cream and light gray in a small living room can actually create the impression of a spacious, comfortable and warm room. You should also adjust the color of the sofa, pillows and wall accessories in the small living room with the paint color you choose.

3. Add live plants for a beautiful impression in a small living room

The presence of various plants in your small living room will certainly beautify the room as well as the air will be cleaner and healthier. advice choose green plants whose survival is not too dependent on sunlight and water that is to frequent. Apart from the type, you also have to pay attention to the right size and suitable to be placed in your small living room so that the impression of a narrower space does not appear.

4. Pay attention to the furniture layout and the details on the elements of a small living room

In the matter of interior layout, every detail is very meaningful, especially in dealing with limited space. Incorrect arrangement of furniture can actually make your small living room even smaller and more closed. Do not put your furniture into wall areas. For example, between the wall decor, you can leave a space in the small living room, even if it's only one cm.


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