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Picture : @an_sari -- People usually designing their room based on their favorite theme so that they are comfortable to live in all the time. There are people who like to use cots, there are also people who like on the floor so that the bed is not high. Well, for those of you who don't like using a couch, it doesn't mean you can't design a bedroom to be more attractive and stylish. You know! There are many inspirations that you can use to design your room with a mattress on the floor to make it comfortable to live in.

Here's the inspiration for a comfortable and more stylish with bed on the floor especially for you :

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The bedroom on the bohemian style floor reflects the personality of the occupants. Creating a bedroom atmosphere that is more comfortable, cool, blends with nature and even looks more unique and stylish. So that the bed is not too high, you can work around this with a wooden pallet instead of a couch. A large bed with a wooden base can make the room look more spacious. Don't forget to add wooden ornaments and indoor plants as additional accents that accentuate the bohemian style into your comfortable bedroom.


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Bring up bedroom designs with feminine characters in various adorable color accents, such as white and pink which are suitable for bedroom themes on the floor for girls. Window lighting that maximizes ceiling high space with sweet white and dusty patterned curtains makes light circulation into the room feel more homey. The bed cover is beautiful and soft with a layer of feather carpet that fills the room, making the impression of relief and freedom for your relaxing activities.


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You should try the bedroom on this floor at home by accentuating a modern vintage style and theme as well as a simple decoration that can provide a comfortable and stylish atmosphere in your favorite bedroom design. You can choose a bed with a model that is not too high as a comfortable and unique bed base. The white and ethnic nuances displayed on the pillows can increase the special appeal of your bedroom design. The atmosphere also looks more comfortable, brighter from natural lighting and more elegant to the eye.


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The combination of pastel color accents in the bedroom design on the floor creates a beautiful interior and impression. The space feels spacious, from the lighting and air circualtion that enters the room and from the frlection on white that adds to the bright atmosphere in the room.

Beautiful bedspread with floral motifs makes the appearance more lively and cheerful, accented by a combination of blue and white paint that can also make the quality of sleep better.


Picture : @icaperdana

Single size bed that is placed on the floor without a bed especially in children's bedrooms makes the atmosphere more comfortable and safe for children. Activites become more flexible, children are more active and free to play without fear of collisions with hard materials such as wooden cots.



How to display a roomy impression, you can start from laying the bed closer to the window position, shades of bright and colorful colors and adding a minimalist study table interior and children's favorite imaginative wall decorations. The combination of accents stripes on the wallpaper on the wall also gives the impression of a taller and airy space.

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