Cool Ways to Show of Your Plant Collection at The Living Room


Picture : @wian_home -- The living room is a determinant that gives an impression to guests who are visiting the house. Because of its important function, you must pay attention to the beauty of the living room at home. One of them, by putting ornamental plants as a living room decoration. 

Green ornamental plants can make the atmosphere of the room more beautiful and can improve air circulation in the house. Here's inspiration and tips off ornamental plants in your living room at home.

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Plants turn out to be beautiful decorations to decorate your living room corner. There is a certain corner in you home that just doesn't match the decoration. In this case, you can place the plant in the corner bertween some sofas or at the edge of the position of the entrance. However, remember to choose a size large enough so that the empty corners are completely filled.

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If you have a limited living room, but still want to display plant decorations that beautify the space. You can minimize the number of interiors that exist, as well as add wooden plant racks that have multifunctional storage in the corner of the space, besides that you can try the types of hanging plants that are placed in floating to save more space and make the presence of plants more striking.

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You can also display large plants in living room decorations, placing ornamental plants that are not sensitive to the need for sunlight that is to frequent in the room to make the interior look more aesthetic. Choose the type of plant that is not too hight in the  pot with the number of leaves that are not to high. Lush in each corner of the sofa on a table or shelf to make it more stand out.

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Not only showing off indoor plants in the corner of the living room, but also with decorative shelves on the walls, which are generally only filled with photo frame, accessories, or book collections, you can replace with more eye-catching ornamental plants. There is nothing wrong with choosing small green plants such as mini cacti to give green nunaces into your living room. The walls also appear not empty thanks to presence of these plants.

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If the location of the plant in the coorner of space, in your opinion, it is much more space saving and prominent. Don't forget to always position it where the lighting is, so that plants can also get indirect sunlight. The height of the plants must also be adjusted to the shape or height of the sofa so that the presence of plants can still be enjoyed by guests from any angle. The beauty of green plants is also able to create an interesting atmosphere from the color combination of the interior of your living room.

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