6 Small Garden For Your Home Cozy and Cool

6 Small Garden For Your Home Cozy and Cool

 Homeshabby.com -- When it comes to living, there is so much to consider that not everything we would like to pursue is possible. As for the greenness of the home, not everyone can have it because there is not enough land. However, it turns out that this can be done by creating a small garden in a home that doesn't require a lot of space, you know! In fact, the garden in this home averages 5 square feet. You can also use any kind of plant in the indoor or outdoor garden, while still adjusting to home conditions. Not only is it good in aesthetic terms, a small indoor or outdoor garden is also good for oxygen circulation. If you are interested in creating an inner garden, note 6 a small garden inspiration for home below. 

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For those of you who love modern minimalist streams, this garden inspiration in this one home could be best suited to apply. Like most minimalist concepts, garden decor doesn't need any variety. Just a few green plants, flower, and relaxed areas can make the atmosphere both more comfortable and fresh. 

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Although a small garden may not have much space, there is nothing wrong with setting up a nice and a cozy space in your own little garden. Select small sized furniture and strategically put it to support the entire homey atmosphere in the back of the home. 

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Of course instead of filling it with piles of old stuff it is better downstairs to use as an indoor garden that cool the eyes. In addition to gardening you can add a touch of rock to the garden to enhance its appearance. 

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If you have an empty space next to the home, then you can use it as a green area by using green plants both around the room and on the roof so that you will look more comfortable and cozy. It doesn't hurt if you add a long white chair so it can be used as relaxing area with the family. 

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If you want an area of rooftop that can be used for various purposes, it can be left blank without any decorations. When it needs to be used as a relaxing area while drifting and enjoying the fresh view. You can use green plants like cactus or something. 

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Making the rooftop garden in a small home is no longer a dream. You can use an alternative lawn mat to cover the floor and add some of the most beautiful vines to give a natural impression on the roof. You can also add a pair of white chairs to make it look minimalist and beautiful. 

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