6 Best Small Living Room with TV to Inspire You


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Homeshabby.com -- Presenting a living room design with a TV at home is the simplest and most practical means of recreation for entertaining guests. Minimizing limited space by combining a comfortable and functional living room as well as a TV room.

Then, waht is the best living room design with TV and should be your inspiration ? Check out the full review of the following living room design with a TV !

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Consider the size of the TV that adjusts the living room space. So that the space will appear proportional and of course provide comfort from the eye when watching television shows. A sofa bed or long seater sofa with lots of soft pillows makes the living room more relaxed and makes everyone feel more at home for a long time. You don't need a lot of sofa, you just need to add a floor carpet so that the broad impression is maintained.

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Pay attention to the light source with the TV position. The position of the best light source in the TV living room design is to come from the right or left side of the TV placement position. The position of the TV behind the light source will make the image from the TV feel less bright because it is back tp the light. Whereas the light source that comes right in front of the TV will make the TV screen dazzle. This will makes guests or your family feel uncomfortable spending free time in the living room.

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The comtemporary rustic-style living room design that maximizes wood material as a stand out interior can make the living room with a TV warmer and homey. Sun lighting from windows can also be disguised by the addition of sweet, pale white curtains. 

Don't forget to always add a cup of drinks and snacks as a friend to spend time while watching TV for visiting guests or you and your family. So that a multifunctional living room will be the most ideal gathering space.

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You can try a solution for a wide space or a sofa arrangement that is too long or a super soft L-shaped, so that watching TV remains comfortable. In addition, placing the TV using curved TV technology in the design of your home TV room will help each viewing angle postion to get a good picture so watching TV becomes more comfortable. The incoming lighting with warm materials is able to give the living room atmosphere with the TV being perfect.

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Apply 2 styles or concepts you can apply at home. The living room with a TV that looks spacious is equipped with sofa chairs to entertain guests and a floor carpet beside it that you can use for the family TV room and at the same time can be enjoyed by visiting guests. Don't forget to add decorative ornaments according to your preferences and room theme so that the living room remains beautiful to the eye. 2 Functions of a space without a partition, among which it actually gives a more harmonious impression among all family members and guests.

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