6 Small Apartment Living Room Design, Cozy and Beautiful


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Homeshabby.com -- Are you planning to move into a new apartment ? Confused choosing the right living room interior design ? Designing the interior of a living room in an apartment can be a challenge in it self. The apartment living room design with a small size prioritizes comfort and high functionality. The enhance the appearance of your small apartment living room to make it look more luxurious, here we present a luxurious living room design for you new apartment which is cozy and beautiful.

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The limitations in the size of the apartment space require you to pay more attention to the selection of interiors and decorations that can support the spacious and spacious effect of the living room. A soft sofa with an L shape in navy and white, which dominates the accent space, is able to create a spacious impression when doing activities. Equipped with a TV  backdrop and artistic wall hangings that add to the aesthetic value of the space. Do not forget to use indoor plants such as monstera in large pots so that the impression of the apartment design is liveiler and cooler.

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The luxurious and classy look that appears for the first time in the living room of this small apartmen is shown from the use of a long crystal light interior with a combination of glossy metal barriers and several other interiors with modern materials.

The wide window openings blends in stunningly light with the glossy granite floors and leggy long seater sofas with soft fleece blankets and rugs. Beautiful and luxurious look into one in the living room of this apartment.

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Just because the space is limited, it doesn't mean you can't have a luxurious impression. This living room apartment design comes with a warm and exclusive style impression. The secret is in the right arrangement and the furniture with maximum lighting. 

We can see consistent color selection in this design. Calm colors like white, cream and peach area the main focus, while darkgrey accents are presented for an eye catching color contrast. You can see the modern classic style interior in the standing lamp selection.

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Apartments with female characters with strong personalities are perfect for living room designs like this. The aren't many decorations that appear, but the striking interior colors with artistic patterns on both wall paintings and pillow covers and floor rugs can liven up the atmosphere of your apartment living room. The limited space can be equpped with a long seater, puff and one lounge chair with maximum outside light which can make the apartment atmosphere more comfortable.

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Want a simpler impression ? You just have to put a long seater and coffee table with pastel color accents decorated with some green plants on each side of the sofa which liven up the atmosphere. While the walls look more alive, if you also add some abstract painting or photo frames that are in harmony. A soft appearance with a simple design is believed to make the living room of you small apartment more calm and eye-catching.

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