6 Best Point Colors For Small Rooms

Homeshabby.com -  The choice of paint for a small room should not be arbitrary. The colors in the interior paint also give a certain impression according to the color selection. Placing furniture in a narrow space also requires consideration. A few bad furniture choices will make the room look even more compact. The choice of color on the wall has many variations that you can adjust to add an attractive impression. This time we will inspire you to choose a suitable paint color to be applied in your home. Check out the next review and don't miss it. May be of use.
White is a color that gives a natural and minimalist impression. Giving a bright nuance to the room, this kitchen area will look clean, comfortable and minimalist. Selection of furniture that is in harmony with the room, such as black chairs and beige tables and exposed bricks that are arranged on the floor walls will give a classic impression. ornamental plants that are hung in a circle on the dining table will give a natural impression and blend with nature.

This living room with smelly gray color is suitable to be applied to a minimalist room. Without a claustrophobic appearance, this living room gives a spacious impression, because the walls are left clean from displays of photos and paintings. The single chair in red, at the closest part of the window is the center point of this room. Standing lights that are placed in the corner of the room can provide sufficient lighting when you are relaxing or doing activities in the area.


The dining room with a choice of long tables that use a glossy wood finish can give an ethnic impression to this area. The house that looks like a tree house with each part using wood finish gives a natural impression. The hanging lamp in the middle of the area also gives a warm and comfortable impression.

If you like a vintage style, this decoration option is suitable for you to apply at home. The walls are dark in color and the ceiling is painted white to make this room look interesting and different. The open pantry area and ornamental plants that are deliberately placed on the outside shelf are truly stunning.


 Maximizing the narrow space by choosing the right color certainly gives a broad impression in this area. Wood finishing floors with alternating black and white accents give this room a monochrome impression. The white chandelier adds to the minimalist impression in this room.

The selection of bright colors on the chairs adds a vibrant and fun impression. The combination of the table in black is also able to give an elegant and attractive impression. The walls are painted with embossed paintings to enliven the atmosphere in this area. The classic light, white and gold, on the hanger, adds a homey and cozy impression.

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