5 Ideas to Combine Living Room and Dining Room With Elegancy

Homeshabby.com -Combining the dining room and kitchen is often found in houses, apartments or boarding houses that have less area. The interior arrangement and the selection of paint on the right wall determine the wide impression of the room and create a comfortable atmosphere. The living room and kitchen that are merged into one have a new style that can be a place to gather with family members and simultaneously receive guests. Are you curious about the idea this time? Come on, let's see, hopefully it's useful.

The choice of dark gray in the pantry with gold chair supports can give a luxurious and elegant impression. A natural and beautiful impression can be obtained from the arrangement of the granite floors with large glossy finishes and the wooden patterned ceiling. Several choices of plants that are deliberately placed in the corner of the room add to the impression of being open and blending with nature, so that this room provides a warm and more lively atmosphere.

Selection of furniture with colors that match the entire space can liven up the atmosphere and give the impression of being clear, far from stiff and monotonous. Selection of hotam sofa with bright colored pillows can neutralize the atmosphere in this space. The walls are painted white to give this area a classic and minimalist look. Without any barrier in each room it also gives an open and broad impression.

This united kitchen and living room area looks very attractive and beautiful. Choosing a color that matches the sofa, chairs and cabinets in the kitchen can add a spacious and clean impression. Wall decoration in the area with large leaf motifs can liven up the tropical atmosphere. The carpet that is deliberately placed under the chairs and tables in this space adds to the aesthetic impression.

If you are a married couple or still single, the choice of a room that integrates the living room and kitchen with this design is suitable to be applied to your home. The kitchen that gives an open and spacious impression without any insulation, wood finishing floors and carpets that are placed right at the bottom with monochrome motifs give an attractive and warm impression. Installation of exposed brick in the kitchen seems clean and tidy.

 Changing the function of the living room and kitchen at the same time with the right arrangement, of course, will give a new atmosphere to the appearance of this room. A sofa set in the living room with matching colored chandeliers can give a warm and comfortable impression to this area. The black chandelier in the kitchen adds a minimalist impression to this room. If you want to provide a divider to limit the space with a unified impression, just use a plain glass divider in the middle of this space.


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