6 Best Living Room and Kitchen In One Space

 6 Best Living Room and Kitchen In One Space

Homeshabby.com -- The design of the home does make a lot of good design for the design, the layout, etc. Many today prefer things simple and minimalist yet beautiful. One was the setting of the room in the kitchen and the living room. Lately indoor layout designs have become quite popular. In new design the kitchen was no longer a separate compartment. In fact now the kitchen is precisely put together with other rooms such as the living room and the dining room which are the spots where each member of the family used to gather. Would you be interested in merging between the living room and the kitchen in one place. If so please read the explanation below yes be useful. 

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You can place a chair and table bar between the living room and the kitchen as on the sample above. Later in front of the kitchen it will serve as a spot for enjoying breakfast and that seat and table will also provide extra space for you guest to sit on when they visit. You can use partition with wood materials to create a sweet barrier to your living room and kitchen. 

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Combining the spaces between the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen may indeed be the solution for those of you with a small size home. No doubt you would agree that providing a pleasant resting area for a guest while you are busy preparing refreshments is a major reason why the living room need to be close to the kitchen.

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If you had a small home. As good as you are if you don't use excessive furniture that would make the room narrow. Your kitchen setting does not actually require excessive modification. With just a few extra chairs, the place quickly gives way to a cozy family living area and receives guests at home. 

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Choosing a dining room in between living room the easiest wat to extend a relaxing spot for your family and guests in the kitchen. Now for changes you are making to be less noticeable choose the same elegant furniture as you found in the picture above. 

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The trick is very popular and commonly applied to small home with space constraints. As shown in the picture above simply place a sofa in front of your kitchen. To keep the kitchen looking good, make sure to select am appropriate seat and table for the kitchen interior. 

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Uniting the kitchen and the living room is one thing but it is one you should take note of. One of them is the comfort of your guests. For that you can create partition in the space of half wall so that you can use the top as a living area for example to put decorative or otherwise. You can design in the right colors to look beautiful and elegant. 

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