6 Stylish and Functional Open Kitchen Shelf Ideas to Save More Space

 6 Stylish and Functional Open Kitchen Shelf Ideas to Save More Space

Homeshabby.com -- The kitchen was a place where cooking were done and served food. For that the kitchen had a considerable amount of equipment. Kitchen shelves are storage furniture that can be beautifully decorated if properly laid. Kitchen shelves were usually used to lay ingredients for the kitchen, cooking utensils to your favorite dishes and jars. To enhance the beauty of the kitchen rack, adjusting the rack model to the kitchen design became important. For those of you who have a minimalist kitchen design, the following few minimalist kitchen shelves can be an inspiration. 

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If you had a kitchen that size small, it would be to wouldn't mind using the storage shelves that block the kitchen cabinets with the right gray fibers so look elegant. You can separate each piece of equipment according to its function so it will be easier to search for it and simpler. 

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Besides using a wooden material shelf with a HPL finish you can also use a closed shelf with an unfinished wood material that looks natural. In addition a kitchen that used natural colors can make a prettier appearance and can also cost a little less money. You can separate the equipment so it's more neat and easy to look for. 

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Use the remaining areas in the corner of the kitchen by placing a wall shelf. But before buying and installing it, do not forget to measure the angle of the kitchen to fit into a wall shelf. In addition to storing your cooking utensils you can also put down green plants and thus add refreshment to your kitchen. 

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For those of yo who have a small kitchen. Then design this one shelf can be the choice. This shelf after all can store a number of tools but it may save space. The shelf was made of wood and elongated to the length of one of the walls that would be placed. You can adjust the number of shelves to the need and conditions of the room. 

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For a limited kitchen space shelf high designed may be the best option because they save space. It has a sleek design making it fit into the narrow corner of the kitchen. High shelves allow you to store enough stuff. But if you want to use shelves with slender high designed, you need to tighten the shelves on the walls in order to avoid falling risks.  

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Or if you have enough room in the kitchen area you can also separate the kitchen from the storeroom. You can use the cabinet with wood materials while you can use the wall as a storage area by using elongated shelves so that you can maximize available space. 

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