6 Best Decorate the Living Room with Flowers and Plants


Homeshabby.com -- Plants and flowers for home decoration not a new style. However, the trend of home decoration using plants is currently growing. Apart from being able to add to a beautiful and soothing atmosphere, the existence of flower plants for home decoration can provide its own inspiration. Decoration of indoor plants is usually with additional displays, hangers or in beautiful pots. Here are 6 of the best living room decorations with plants and flowers that you can try at home !


The interior arrangement of the tiny living room, equipped with a bright yellow two-seater sofa and various varied seat covers, is very beautiful if you add the hanging Sirih Gading plants decorations and aglonema plants or often called Sri Rejeki plants. The shape and pattern of the leaves are distinctive and are often found as ornamental plants for home decoration. So that the appearance of the living room also becomes more pleasing to the eye and more stand out.


For those of you who have a tropical-style house, with a limited size, you can place a lemon-colored long sofa and very beautiful floral pillows. Meanwhile, to give a fresh, natural impression, indoor plants such as palms (Dyspis lutescens) and ornamental bananas (Calathea lutea). Its unique shape with a light-filled space concept is perfect for this type of plant because Calathea lutea requires sufficient sunlight to keep its leaves bright green.


A middle eastern style living room filled with ethnic ornaments and artistic wall paintings can also accentuate the beautiful impression in it. The gray color on the L-shaped sofa, brown wood on the table and the colors on the ornate ornaments can blend perfectly if you add a touch of nature from various plants in every corner such as monstera which can absorb heat making the room cooler.


A small living room with simple furniture makes you have to pay more attention to the size and model of plants or flowers as room decoration. So that the aesthetic impression of the room can still be enjoyed, vines of those placed in pots, you can choose a small size like the picture above, so it doesn't look full of these plants. A sofa corner or hanging on a wall is the most appropriate location for indoor ornamental plants.



The interior design of the living room with a rustic concept that is identical to wood and rattan which is used as the main furniture, can become more alive if surrounded by plants or dried flowers arround it. Lee Kwan vines, palms, or Aloe vera are attractive choices for a natural impression in a rustic-style room. Furniture that feels full of dry rustic decorations will look more shabby so that the presence of green plants can make the atmosphere of the room more cozy.


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