6 Beautiful Vertical Garden for Wall Decor Ideas


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Homeshabby.com -- In the current era of interior design, the concept of a vertical garden or "living wall" is becoming increasingly popular, both for offices and homes. This concept was originally a solution to overcome limited land. But over time, vertical garden have become a trend to present beauty and become the best alternative to freshen up your home. Moreover, living walls can not only be applied outside the room or garden. But also in the house. If you plan to make a living wall in your dream home. Here are 6 beautiful vertical garden for wall decor ideas.

Picture : @urbanlittlegarden

Presenting a green garden on the terrace wall that look beautiful. In general, the porch or foyer of the house is decorated with various potted plants at various angles, different in this design. Maximizing the wall as a neatly arranged display of green plants and adding its own aesthetic value to the facade. The space looks greener and has a cool nuance thanks to the beautiful vertical garden.

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If you want something simpler, create a living wall using a tiered pot arrangement. The plant pot is simply placed on the hooked iron frame and arranged vertically. To make it look fun, you should choose a type of plant or flower that has a variety of color shades. Variations in plant types are needed so that the simple living wall or vertical garden looks more vibrant. Positioned right in the side aisle which is integrated with relaxing area with comfortable wooden chair seats with a cool atmosphere.

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Presenting a tropical atmosphere in the outdoor area which is used as a gathering place while relaxing with extended families, generally through planting tall plants or flowers racks as decorations. However, if you lan doesn't allow, it's a good time to use the concept of living walls. These vertically arranged plants in the corner of the area not only present a tropical atmosphere, but also serve as an aesthetic backdrop for this area. The vertical garden design looks lush due to the selection of vines hanging from the roof.

Picture : @desifatmawati31

Want to add a more usefull garden accent wall ? Make a vertical garden from the vines of "Sirih gading" that fill the walls of your home garden like this picture. The walls no longer look empty and boring, the yellow color combined with the green leaves on the vines makes the garden feel more colorful and fun. The air is healthier and the atmosphere is also cooler.

Picture : @reysilvy

Have a connecting space that seems boring ? Change the area by creating a vertical garden made of mini potted plants or orchids that beautify the area. Create a more vibrant wall with various types of plants that are neatly arranged as ornamental elements that decorate the empty side of the wall. To make it even more beautiful, as a wallpaper, you can add synthetic green grass so that when watering the plants it will not cause stains on the wall paint that disturbs the view.

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