6 Beautiful Blue Bathrooms to Try at Home

Homeshabby.com -- Blue is usually synonymous with a comfortable and soothing impression. Besides being suitable for use in the living room, blue is also a suitable color to be applied to the bathroom. A bathroom with blue nuances combned with white will usually give a brighter and soothing impression. Like some of the following blue bathroom inspirations, which can make you feel at home for a long shower in it !

Using the hallway under the stairs as a bathroom is a way to save space, especially if your house is relalively small. The blue nuance combined with the dominant white paint makes even a small bathroom feel spacious and free to do activites. Complete with storage cabinet, toilet and some decorations to sweeten the bathroom.



Creating a bathroom with blue nuances, you don't need the whole color to be the same because it actually makes the room look pale and boring. In addition to white, you can combine blue with gray or cream from the ceramic bathroom wall motif, so that besides making the bathroom more modern and safe, it is also able to give a more attractive appearance to the view.


Creating creativity through the appearance of bathroom wall wallpapers like the picture above certainly makes the design of the space more artistic. The composition of the blue color is diverse, one of which is navy which tends to be darker. So that the narrow space also looks more masculine and feels spacious thanks to the reflection of the light from the large glass.



The blue color is identical to the color of the sea or sky. So you can explore by adding a touch of character to the bathroom design, such as the addition of a 10 cm wall wallpaper and children's favorite cartoon toilet cover stickers. So that the simple design of a little touch of blue from the decoration character can make your child more excited about taking a bath.



This bathroom looks simple but has a cheerful and child-friendly design. The upper part of the wall is applied with blue wallpaper with an exposed brick pattern, while the lower part uses a patterned ceramic which is still the same color. Cheerful and colorful looks of fresh vines and pretty stickers on an attractive toilet seat.
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