How to Decorate a Small Living Room and Small Space Room

 How to Decorate a Small Living Room and Small Space Room -- A small living room is not an obstacle to designing it with the desired design. The following designs can be inspiring. As the first area in the home, the living room becomes the most important element. In addition to serving as guest reception area, this room is also an area that can represent the character of the occupants. Thus, an attractive setup and design is required to provide an impressive look for visitors. We will give tips on how to decorate a small living room that is not only comfortable but also impressive. 

This small living room using letter L shape can make the look wider. The selection of cream color can make the living room more elegant. You can also add long curtains that dangle downwards to make them appear more roomy. Unique coffee table design can make the look more elegant and modern.  

A living room in grey can make the look more modern. The sofa using elongated shape that can be used for 3-4 people looks elegant. In order to give a impression that is not monotonous you can use carpets that have abstract motifs. You can add greenery in front of the window so that it can provide freshness. 

This white living room can make the look more spacious. You can add carpet with smooth fur. Coffee table design with matching colors can add a modern feel. The deliberately hanging plant design can make a different and unique impression. 

This living room with letter L shape can make the look more spacious. This sofa design with different colors can make the look more enchanting. Flower vase design with wood material can make a natural look. 

This U shaped living room can make the look more spacious. In the corner of this room is added standing lamp with white color so that it looks more charming. Curtains with gray color look more modern. 

The combination of gray and yellow can make the look brighter. Sofa design with unique models can make the look more modern. You can add stacking shelves that are used as placing equipment and other decorations. 

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