How to Create a Pink Classic Modern Home Interior Decoration

 Pink Classic Modern Home Interior Decoration by - Modern Classic Living Room with Wooden FloorClassic and modern seems like two very contrasting styles. However, the combination of these styles in a home design will create an interestingly unique look. If you want to have a different home with an attractive look, you can try designing a classic modern house by considering the following things:

Focus on the main element from both concepts

Both classic and modern interior concepts must have their main element. In a classic concept, the traditional elements with elegant classy touch becomes the main focus. Meanwhile, a modern home design focuses more on functions. You do not have to use all of the elements of both concepts. Instead, you can simply focus on two things only. After that, combine them in a balance.

Color selection
Color becomes one of the main elements in an interior decoration. To obtain a modern and classic impression, choose colors that are synonymous with both concepts. The color which is commonly used by these concepts is white. This neutral color can be used as the main interior color. Another color such as beige is also suitable for a classic modern home design.

After determining the background color, you can start thinking of the complementary colors. In this case, you can consider brown, grey, and black.

Furniture selection
Classic furniture is well known for the curved shapes and ornaments. Conversely, the modern design tends to use minimalist and simple furniture. Those things are obviously contrasting. As the solution, you can choose curved furniture and the one with only a few ornaments.

To present the modern impression, you can place some modern furniture such as sofa and electronic items. Remember that the furniture selection does not only focus on the shape and designs, but also on the furniture color. Make sure that the color of the furniture is suitable with the wall, floor, and ceiling color. To obtain a classy impression, you can also consider using furniture which contains black color.

Classic modern accessories
The presence of additional accessories can enhance the desired impression. Some accessories which are commonly used are chandeliers and standing lamps. Both accessories has double functions. In addition to illuminating the room, both also become part of the interior decoration. Just make sure that their shapes are suitable with the modern classic concept. The most important point you need to remember here is balance.



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Author: Nurma
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