5 Easy Ways To Mix and Match Colors In Your Home

5 Easy Ways To Mix and Match Colors In Your Home

Homeshabby.com -- The blending of colors has become very important in making a home appear more bright and beautiful. Color indeed has an important part to play in making the atmosphere brighter and more comfortable. The use of color in the room is not only a basic element of interior design, for color also has a function as well as meaning. More than aesthetic, color can also affect the mood of the house holder. When examined in general, color may be defined as a spectrum found in light. This suggests that identity of color is determined by the wavelength of light that can affect living things. Psychologically linked colors are a lot applied in interior design. Poor selection of colors in a room can create a feeling of discomfort, or even take a toll on psychological conditions. So the role of color is crucial to your home. For easier we'll give you like the easy mix and match colors for your home. 

The living room with pink, gray and white paint its elegant. It looks even more beautiful if you combine it with the hefty motive wallpaper.

A bedroom with pink and natural color will make the home much more pleasant. You too can fuse green plant decorations and thus add refreshment.
The blue also provides a nice and cool atmosphere. Paint with geometric shapes can leave a unique impression on your room. You can add the elegant grey chair. 

The blending of colors for a bright wall can make the atmosphere more colorful. A bright color can make space broader and comfortable. 

The combination of yellow and white is as beautiful as it looks. The design of the bathroom looks bigger in a clear color. 

Bedroom design using pastel blue and pink pastel makes an even more adorable display. This bedroom looks more attractive when you combine it with multi purpose furniture.

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