Here Are 4 Tips to Beautify Your Small Modern Garden

Beautifuly Your Small Garden by -Confused on how to deal your small garden that doesn’t look beautiful? Well, dealing with a small garden is somehow tricky. In addition to the limited area, a small garden also can only cover a small number of plants.

The following are four tips to organize a small garden:

1. Prepare plants that don’t take up too much space
Having a small garden make you have to limit what types of plants can be grown in the garden. There’s no way you force yourself to grow large plants if there is no place to hold them. If possible you may put one or two large trees as shade. However, as the main plants, choose small plants in pots, or other plants that can be planted in the ground but do not grow tall, such as Anthurium crystallinum) Aglaonema, shrubs, and flower plants.

2. Add attractive table and chairs to your small garden
Adding small tables and chairs is not only intended to make your small garden look more attractive but also make it seem more decorated and full. As we discussed earlier, in a small garden you could not plant tree species that have a great posture, so it will be a lot of unused empty space in your garden. Well, to fill the empty space in your small garden, it would be nice if you add chairs and tables as decorative elements.

3. Create a natural barrier to maintain your privacy
It’s hard to be able to create privacy in a small yard or garden. But that does not mean you cannot do it. Create a screening or natural barrier using a row of bamboo, wood, or small plants that are arranged in a neat and attractive way to resemble a fence. In addition to the beautiful and cool atmosphere, you also can enjoy the privacy of the family or your guests when gathering in the garden. You can also buy artificial barriers made ​​of natural materials for the natural impression, such as bamboo fence which is available in market.

4. Add a garden path to make your small garden more attractive
A path or a paved area made ​​from a series of natural stones, pumice or gravels, ceramic, or brick, can be used as a decorative element that replaces the lack of plants in a small garden. You could also complement the beauty of the garden path with thick grass that can grow neatly, thus giving the impression of a beautiful soft green carpet in your small garden.