Create Inner Beauty In Your Home Through an Inner Court


Nice Garden for your Home -
Your home feels stuffy? Well, you can deal with it by presenting an inner court or interior courtyard inside your house. By making an inner court, the stuffy atmosphere of the house can be overcome.

Inner courtyard itself is a park located in a house. Some of the important benefits of the inner court includes creating a source of natural light into the house, giving the impression of a more spacious room, and s
moothing the air circulation, so the house is free from a stuffy impression. In addition, the smooth circulation of fresh air also make the people in the house become healthier.

Basically, the principle of creating an inner court is the domination of stones, sand, and hardening in certain parts. An inner court or indoor garden should not feature too many trees so that it can give an impression of a simple and not too narrow space.

Inner court is often made ​​in a space with less fresh air, e.g. in the back or middle of the house which becomes the meeting point of some spaces and tend to be closed. It is usually made ​​open without a roof, though there are inner courts with roofs too. If you choose to make an inner court with roof, you had better choose a transparent material for the roof, such as glass. You can make openings for the air circulation on it. The openings do not have to be big, yet they should be able to make the air circulate smoothly.

In addition, to decorate the indoor garden you can add a small pool and fountain. The bottom of the pool can be filled with coral. Alternatively, you can put a sculpture, bowl, refined walls and floors, and lighting using artificial light. Various plants that can be grown in an inner court includes palm trees, adenium,
or water plants. If you want to use natural stone, do not choose the ones which are too porous because moss is easy to grow in the stones which have pores.

Having a pond inside the inner court means another maintenance required. You should pay attention to several factors such as the cleanliness, size, air filter, and other parts of the pond. Make sure that the water always flows because stagnant water can become mosquito breeding.