5 Lovely Pink Living Room Decor Ideas

5 Lovely Pink Living Room Decor Ideas


Homeshabby.com -- The living room is the place to receive guests as well as to communicate with outsiders. The living room is usually on the front of the residence layout so that the living room becomes the first room entered. This chamber was usually kept out of bed to protect the privacy of the host, but it was close to the kitchen and the dining room to make it easier for guests to serve. The design of the living room you can make with the lovely pink. A bright color in the living room can add color and light to the atmosphere. Well to be clear you can see the ideas of the living room below. be useful. 

The living room in a pink can make a more beautiful and endearing view. A living room that used only one elongated sofa can make a home appearance more minimalist and elegant. You can also add simple yet harmonious coffee table of blue pastel design. 

The fusion of color between pink and white can make a more beautiful view. The design of living room located near this large window can maximize light in the home at maximum. And in the corner of the living room a large green plant was added to make it seem fresher. Carpets with silky material can also enhance the comfort of your living room. 

A comfortable living room with pink color can be an inspiration to you. The living room used a long sofa and this white single sofa you can use for 3-4 people. In order to avoid looking monotonous you can add a wall decor of your living room. 

The living room with pink soft and open space concept can make a brighter and lees stuffy appearance of the living room. The living rooms fused with this dining room can save you much space in your home. To look pretty you can add mirror with a simple and beautiful design. 

A living room also used for a bright pink can enhance your appearance. Even the presence of a pillow with the shape of a flower can make it look more girly. You can use the table with wood materials and white iron can look elegant. As for the TV rack you can use none of the multipurpose one so that doesn't take up much space. 

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