5 Steps to Organize Your Kitchen Feel More Relieved and Comfortable

step for organize your kitchen

Homeshabby.com -- Having a well organized kitchen will certainly facilitate your activities while in it. You can cook and mix food quickly if the kitchen conditions are clean and neat. Not only that, a neat and clean kitchen is also often associated with the health of family members. Display will also be able to make you more excited and comfortable in the eye. Here are 5 steps to set your home kitchen to be more eye-catchy.

To make it easier for you to find herbs and other dry food ingredients, place it on a clear colored jar. For clarity, you can also add name tags on the container. Then place the floating table on the top wall of the kitchen set so that your cooking is more efficient. Open wall shelves are also able to make a small kitchen become wider because of the open dimensions in all angles.

For the area of laying of goods according to their function. For example, the middle area is used specifically for the area to mix food ingredients, while for cooking utensils and seasonings are placed in a drawer located next to the kitchen set. The division of this area will make it easier for you to find goods and move in the kitchen.

For kitchens that are narrow and do not have many cabinets for storage, you should take advantage of an empty backplash wall to hang cooking utensils. You can hang a collection of pots, pans on the wall or make your own hanging area using an iron hanging from the ceiling. Choose bright colors like blue and white to make it look more colorful and brighter when cooking.

Do not forget to always add window ventilation on one wall of the kitchen so that lighting and clean air can still be enjoyed in the kitchen. The smoke from the cooking process also will not interfere because the room with wide openings will certainly be brighter and relieved even far from the stuffy atmosphere.

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