5 Beautiful Pink Kitchen Pictures and Ideas

Beautiful pink kitchen 

Homeshabby.com -- Ever imagined the design of a kitchen all in pink, ranging from the color of the walls to cooking utensils? Pink is usually applied in the family room or bedroom, but rarely designed it for the kitchen. Mix and match with the colors and patterns of flowers that can beautify the kitchen and pamper the eyes of the mother. Let's see 5 views of this beautiful pink kitchen !

Dominant white that can accentuate pastel pink kitchen decor. Funny and beautiful impression from the start of vintage-style bar stools, pink flower footwear, happy cooking artwork which also adds to the aesthetic value of the kitchen space. So that makes this pink kitchen look more modern if you apply it to your home.

Different from before, this kitchen applies all-pink color to all parts of the kitchen, starting from wall paint, bottom cabinet color, footwear and even ceiling motifs, also appear to use the theme of flowers that brighten cooking activities at any time. For a brighter atmosphere for the focal point, add a backplash area with white ceramic with matching floral motifs with icebox and dispenser motifs.

This kitchen maximizes space with the use of kitchen sets as well as placement for washing machines that are soace saving. The pink theme remains a stand out among the more dominant vintage white colors. You can add a pink hanging lamp and cooking utensils that make the kitchen look more charming and beautiful.

Turning to a wider pink kitchen, a full pink kitchen set with the addition of a kitchen top with black ceramic to make it more safety and not easily look dirty. Open space to appear in harmony, then the dining room with a matching color, but the type of material and furniture models are chosen with a more unique and attractive vintage style.

The kitchen with pink is always synonymous with barbie or hello kitty cartoon characters, if you like hello kitty. You can apply it to the corner of the kitchen so that it will feel like a cartoon in your house. All furniture and kitchen utensils use very thick hello kitty colors and motifs. More beautiful and adorable isn't it !

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