5 Brilliant Storage Tricks for Small Bedrooms

Homeshabby.com -- The bedroom is a room that usually used to rest after running activities outside the day. So the comfort of this bedroom needs to be noticed. The bedroom that has the comfort can make your rest comfortable. However, there is a small or narrow size of the room. So you should be smart in organizing your bedroom. There are a few things you can do to make your bedroom comfortable despite having a small size. Among them is using paint with bright colors, overtaking excess goods, utilizing a multi function storage place, using multi function furniture. For more details you can see the following tricks so that your bedroom is more comfortable and tidy. 

If you have a small size bedroom you can use a simple bed with a model. In addition, you can use a wall paint with a bright white color. For storage of goods such as books, documents, room decoration. You can use a shelf with white color in front of your bed. This shelf can also be a room partition between bedrooms with your relaxing place. 

The bedroom using soft colors can make your room more comfortable. You can also use larger windows that are placed in front of the study room. This open cover window makes the atmosphere fresher. As for this storage is unique because this elongated learning table can also be used to store your belongings. In addition to this top, you can also use it to store items so it doesn't take up a lot of place. 

The bedroom with dominance of pink color is perfect for you who love the feminine colors. The pink color is much liked by the woman. The pink color you can highlight on the bed. To make the room more tidy you can use a shelf cabinet next to the bed attached to the wall. 

The bedroom design with natural concept is also suitable for you who like natural impression. You can use the domination of wood unfinished material so it is more artistic. To avoid being as messy as you can using a multi function bed that can be used for a bed could be used for luggage storage.  

You can design the bedroom to look more luxurious even with a small size using a luxurious color bed that is a blend of gray and light blue. For storage of goods you do not need to use an additional shelf you simply choose a bed with a shelf underneath so that it is more simple and neat of course.

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