Smart Ideas How to Make Small Bedrooms Look Bigger

Small bedrooms -- The bedroom must be comfortable and feel good because it will make the bed feel more comfortable when resting. Even a small room can be transformed to the best place in your house so that you are more comfortable in the room with a very interesting and very unique atmosphere. Below are tricks to help make your bed more perfect.

Avoid dark bedroom walls. Light paint or wallpaper will help make the room feel bigger. Place decorations that stick to the wall rather than having to put it on the ground floor which makes the space for disturbed activites.

Change the concept of the bedroom by putting the bed on the floor that will make the room look more relaxed and spacious. Add a carpet mat with a size of the mattress to make the atmosphere warm and soothing. Outdoor lighting is also important to channel positive energy and healthy air for your rest time.

Minimalist is an excenllent design concept for small spaces. Keep only the most important pieces of furniture and add some cool and not excessive decorative elements such as wall artwork, table lamps for night lighting and a wooden shelf for the reading table or a place to place ornamental plants so that the atmosphere of the small bedroom is more beautiful and comfortable to rest.

Small rooms will look more spacious with a large window to provide natural lighting from the outside for the impression of a spacious room. Or, if you have a small window, choose curtains that are transparent or bright so that light can enter during the day. If necessary, also add artificial lighting so that the room still looks brighter and wider.

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