Rustic Style : Room Design Ideas on Narrow Land

Rustic style room design -- Home interior decoration in a rustic style can be interpreteds as a stylish natural, natural design and inspired by country house. Natural impression is obtained from the original wood material with a touch that looks both rough and natural. Mix and match a touch of rustic in a modern style decoration, a room can look unique as well as character and can show the identity of the owner. Well, if you want to apply the rustic style in a room in a limited area. Come on, read more !


Inscorporate elements of imperfections in rustic home decor for bedrooms. For example, displaying wallpaper that is as if the bricks are rough and not coated with paint. The mattress is let to the floor for the impression of airy in your private room as well as decorations made of wood which accentuates a more traditional impression.


Rustic style usually uses natural colors with a dark impression. Now to balance the kitchen area between color and decoration, you can use white paint so the room looks brighter and roomy. In addition, white walls will also look more cheerful and can help you create a fresh country atmosphere.

Dining room

As for the dining room with the concept of a rustic industrial mini bar that uses the side walls with bricks without any finishing. Although left unkind, the impression generated is stronger. The choice of industrial furniture referred to here can be applied as chairs, tables or other furniture from black iron or steel combined with wood which makes the space more unique and becomes the center of attention.

Laundry area

You don't need to design all your space using non-acoustic elements, in the laundry room, the natural concept is highlighted from direct lighting from the sun with ornamental grass flooring and interior baskets of lightweight modern iron baskets.

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Author  : Imka
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