Pink Shabby Kitchen Inspiration, Simple and Sweet

Inspiration pink shabby kitchen -- Pink shabby is most often associated with feminine elements. Has a calming effect because it is synonymous with tenderness, kindness, and affection. So, don't be surprised if you can find pink in the kitchen interior that is cool, simple still sweet and makes you feel happy when cooking. Instantly see, inspiration this morning the pink shabby kitchen for your cheerful day :

One characteristic of shabby-style interior design is the color pink. So, that the pink color looks sweet in the room, you should combine it with a softer color, for example white. Make pink as sa statement in the small furniture section. While white can appear more dominant in wall paint, kitchen sets and even ceramic floors. This color combination will make your minimalis 3 x 3  kitchen softer.

If you want to combine a shabby-style kitchen with a natural impression, the way is very easy. On the roof and walls you can add glassblock and sliding glass windows and expose white bricks on the backplash. While the peach pink color is applied to the bottom cabinet and wall shelves with other decorations that seem vintage and unique so that the kitchen is more attractive.

Shabby-style interior design that is simple but beautiful and instagramable you can realize in the kitchen set. You simply play with pastel colors, such as combining pink with gray. Create a boundary between these two colors, the position of the pink color is more prominent so it is more unique. Guaranteed, your kitchen will look beautiful and instagramable.

Small kitchen with size ranging from 1,8 x 3 m will not be a barrier for you to realize a sweet pink shabby kitchen design. The white color is still the basic color of the room with a combination of pink shabby in the bottom cabinet and a little touch on simple and lightweight equipment in your kitchen. This even makes the kitchen more happy and sweet in the eyes.

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Author  : Imka
Editor   : Munawaroh
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