Inspiration of a Shady and Comfortable Green House

Inspiration a green house -- The green color is often associated with shades of beautiful, lush, fresh, and also peaceful. Nothing wrong with it if many people in Indonesia are applying green house pain for residential homes. In addition to being believed to make the mood better, psychological green can dispel negative feelings and fatigue. Interested in making green as a trap for home decor? Come on, make the following green trend one of you inspiration :


The combination of green and beige will create a warm and mature atmosphere, suitable for use in the master bedroom. The combination of green with soft colors on the furniture gives the impression of an elegant adult, but not excessive, as in the bedroom. Lighting from dim yellow lights is ready to accompany you during your night's sleep for a more optimal rest period.


In addition to combining green with brown, white can also dominate the kitchen space so that it seems clean. Applied to the walls with white and natural touches, while the green on the upper cabinet curtains while brown is made more natural on the ground floor which features a warmer, more elegant space and of course fun for cooking.

Dining room

Still in the same location, there is a dining table set placed in the corner of a room made from white wood coated with ulit wood. Vintage impression of a unique decoration from a collection of antique plates and floral motifs to decorate the dining room. A brighter green color is applied to beautiful table cloths and greenery.


Often overlooked is the interior decoration design of the minimalist laundry and sunroom. The concept of outdoor applies the green color only to simple equipment while the white color is made more dominant overall because it is able to reflect light and create the impression of a more clean look for this laundry area.

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Author  : Imka
Editor   : Munawaroh
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