Inspiration Ideas Apply White House Paint Colors to Produce an Elegant Feel

White house paint colors to elegant feel -- Having a white house paint is a desire for most people. One of the things that causes white houses to become popular is the atmosphere that looks more spacious and clean. Unfortunately, the white color will look very monotonous, so it needs to be combined with other elements appropriately. The following inspiring ideas apply the color of white paint to the house look more elegant from :

Living room

Starting from the living room, wainscoting is a choice that characterizes an elegant modern home. The clean white accentuates a cooler and cozy atmosphere thanks to the addition of living plants to the rattan pots as well as the gray color combination on the sofa and chairs that seem comfortable to welcome guests.

Dining room

Second, the application of white paint with a combination of wainscoting is also found in the dining room. The impression is more vintage thanks to the interior made from good wood from dining table sets, shelves, and decorations of beautiful and unique chandelier. The classic clock ornament becomes its own focal point because of its attractive color and size.


Turn to the L-shaped kitchen. Stay the same as the dominant white. Kitchen set with a closed upper cabinet made of HPL coated multiplex material combined with unfinishing wood wall shelves. neutral color games and natural ornaments can give a more fresh kitchen atmosphere and cooking will be more fun.


Often overlooked minimalist bathroom designs, even though the right combination of ornamental colors will only make it comfortable to indulge. The walls are 3 colors into one namely sky blue, white on wainscoting and ceramic tiles as a sign of a more beautiful shower placement. Half-meter wall barrier as a barrier for the installation of a toilet seat with the same floor with a monochrome theme and a rough surface to be safe for all ages.

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Author  : Imka
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