5 Picture of Kitchen in Indoor

Kitchen in indoor

Homeshabby.com -- An indoor kitchen is one of the important rooms in a house where beauty and comfort need to be taken into account. Because from here the daily food needs are processed. So that you can be more enthusiastic in serving food to your loved ones, it doesn't hurt you to try to make your kitchen more beautiful with your favorite colors. Here are 5 indoor kitchens that you can make references :

White indoor kitchen that has a focal point of lighting by installing windows that seem to hide, the backplash wall is given a treatment of white brick 3d wallpaper that is safety and combined with wood in some interior decoration. The look is more beautiful thanks to the presence of living plants and industrial-style lighting decorations.

Minimalist indoor kitchen design with a unified and monochrome mini bar. Change the room divider as a bar table area with a high stool seat holder adjusting the portur's body, the kitchen is equipped with a cabinet that seems simple with a wide window to make your cooking activities more homey and vibrant.

Almost the same as the previous design, there is a mini bar to relax. However, the ground floor is designed as natural as possible with a matching wood treatment with an iron stool holder. If the kitchen does not have a window, you can add a cooker hood to remove smoke, dust and dirt from the effects of the cooking process.

In general home design, dry kitchen is always positioned in the house. Only serves as a place to relax, while enjoying a cup of coffee with a natural atmosphere. L kitchen set leter with windows that seem to blend with the outside world makes a simple kitchen design a charming favorite place.

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