The Best Contemporary Living Room Trends

Living room idea by -Minimalist design trend seems to be faltering. Today, contemporary home design is preferred in various circles. The more expressive design is considered to be able to meet the personal demands.

Contemporary style emerges as a form of response against minimalist style which is considered boring. The term “Less is more” counter with “Less is a bore”. It means that a completely plain design feel way less ‘exciting’ and hollow. This explains why the contemporary style begins to creep up. The essence of contemporary style is the intention to show characters in the design. There are no specific restrictions there. That is why this style is increasingly dominating lately.

Are you going to apply the contemporary concept in your living room? Here are the tips.


Similar to minimalist style, the contemporary style also requires a design which looks simple and neat. So, make sure the living room is always neat and not filled with excessive accessories.

The main architectural feature lies on the high ceilings and large windows.
Use tone-on-tone color palettes relying on cream, brown, taupe, and pure white. Shots of color can be applied on a single wall, in a special piece of art, or in a striking floor rug.
Expose the texture on the walls of the building. If there is no wall texture, let the walls plain  Focus on furniture with interesting shapes and colors.

Choose fabrics (upholstery) which has a strong texture, like linen or wool. Meanwhile, let the floor covered with a material that is not decorated with many motifs and slick. Decorating the room with a carpet island sounds good as well. Besides being able to warm the room, the carpet can also muffle sound.

Finally, fill the room with art objects that represent your character. No need to worry at the budget for it. Search only paintings or other artwork in any local art market. Surely you can find unique ornaments at a low price.

To sum up, a contemporary interior home design provides a different atmosphere within your home which consists of various colors and shapes. In that way, your living room will feel way much attractive and not boring.