Living Room Ideas : Tips in Adding Bright Colors in Your Living Room

Living room idea by - The living room is a public area in your home. Therefore, it is usually designed in a very unique and comfortable way so that your guests can feel comfortable. Furthermore, your living room can determine your characteristic and personality.

One unity

Living room By Dekoruma

There are several ways in which the living room can look more appealing. One of which is that you must still consider the concept of your own home, to keep it as a single unit in the house. For example, if you have a modern-style house, you should give the living room a modern touch as well, or when the house is in a minimalist style, the living room is also given a touch of minimalism. However, whatever the theme is, it does not mean that the living room becomes monotonous because of the existing home concept.

Bright color experiment for living rooms

One of the ideas to give bold shades which are far from the monotonous impression in the living room is to use bright colors. In addition, bright colors can also give a fresh touch to your living room.
When your house in a minimalist concept, it does not mean that you must paint your wall in gray. It will be too monotonous when you only use the shades from light gray to dark gray. Indeed gray color can give the impression of spacious and cold, but if it is too dominant, there will be no fresh atmosphere at all in the living room.

Try a different color on one wall area. If you want it to be a little cool, you can apply the green color or blue color that symbolizes tranquility. Cheerful yellow color is also great for the living room. In addition to the wall paint, a lot of elements can be made in bright colors such as curtains, cushions on the couch, or table cloths.

Two colors is enough

To avoid a too crowded appearance, don’t use too many colors. Two colors such as yellow and green, red and yellow, or orange and yellow is enough. Or, you can use the gradation colors, e.g. light green and dark green, light blue and dark blue, and so on. This is all depending on what you want to present in your living room since every color has different impressions.

Splashes of bright colors
These are some tips that can be used when you want to apply bright colors for your living room:

Consider the living room furniture. If most of it is made from wood, then you can choose natural colors such as green and brown.

The size of the living room can also affect you in arranging furniture and choosing wall paints. To avoid a narrow impression, it would be helpful not to use too dark colors as the accents. In addition, it is suggested that you choose light furniture with not many colors and carvings.

Each color has a different impression. Thus, you must know in advance what impression you want to present in the living room.

Find more information about living rooms as well as other parts of the home from magazines, books, or internet. It will be helpful to get appropriate colors for your living room.
Be brave in applying bright colors, as long as it does not run too far from your home concept