Kitchen Decoration Idea : Tips and Tricks to Design a Minimalist Kitchen

Kitchen Decoration Idea by - When hearing the term minimalist kitchen, a lot of us might imagine a tiny kitchen with a predominance of plain color without decoration, as well as simple kitchen equipment and supplies. There’s nothing wrong with it anyway. However, you’ll want to keep away the belief that being minimalist means being simple or anything that it is. A minimalist kitchen can look beautiful and elegant according to the wishes of the owner, yet the furniture, appliances, and others should feature little decoration.

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In the interior design and architecture world, minimalist means simple or not complicated. So, the word minimalist here reflects the simplicity and a simple room design which emphasizes on the functions and efficiency of the space. It doesn’t mean that a minimalist kitchen must not have any decoration or ornament. Using ornaments in a minimalist kitchen interior is fine as long as you consider the functions and limit its number. With this simple design, a kitchen should be able to cover all the things that are needed in cooking.

In designing a minimalist kitchen, you have to be smart in organizing everything to make the kitchen look efficient. For example, you could put a refrigerator or freezer between the dining room and cooking area, to make it easier when you are going to take the foodstuff and to have a drink after a meal. In addition, you can also put a plate rack adjacent to the dishwasher to save energy when doing the dishes and putting them back on the rack. There are also many things you can do to save space in your kitchen area, such as choosing a dishwasher / sink that has a storage cabinet underneath, or make use of the kitchen wall cabinets as additional storage space.

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Minimalist kitchen is not always cheap. 
 The kitchen furniture and equipment you need is sometimes much more expensive, such as the wall kitchen cabinets, dishwasher with storage underneath, and others. For those of you who often feel confused when looking for a knife or other cutleries, you may need a special storage place that can be mounted on the wall so it is easy to reach and save space. And, this container is also quite more expensive than a regular knife place that is put on a table. It’s similar to a hanging glass rack which is space saving yet way more expensive.

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If you use a countertop in the kitchen, it is also a good idea to buy some bar seats, so that you and other family members can enjoy breakfast or coffee at the table. That way, you do not need to buy a dining room table.

For the kitchen colors, there is no specific rule you should follow, but you should try it with bright colors, such as light green and light blue. Bright colors will reflect natural light better, so the room will get adequate lighting and create the illusion of a wider space.