Tips To Make Your Home Look More Spacious

Tips To Make Your Home Look More Spacious 

If you have a small house, don't worry, we will give you tips to change your home in small size to be bigger. You can make some decorating changes to make the area look and feel larger with color, furniture, and lighting. Well, this is the steps you can apply now. Read More...

1. Simple Room Barrier

The room barrier will make the house narrower. For that, you can make one between the room divider with other functions example put an ornament, vase, etc. 

2. Light Colors 

If you want a wider home, you can also choose a bright color for the wall paint. With bright colors, small houses will feel airy, fresh, and bright. Usually you can use white paint and other bright colors to apply to a room or small house.

3. Good Lighting

The large window will make the incoming sun lighting fill the room so that can transforms the impression of a small house into a spacious and bright. With the large curtain make your small house will look more spacious. 

4. Wall Sticker 

Use of wall stickers can make the house more spacious and unique. You can choose design and color as you want. You can choose color like blue, white, cream, etc. 

5. Add Mirrors

You can add a mirror with a unique design so it will be focus on the room. Mirrors can make the reflection of the room to be wide and large. 

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