Best Living Room Color Ideas And Modern Furniture

Best Living Room Color Ideas And Modern Furniture

Living room is a room that is commonly used to receive guests, partners, and friends when visiting the house. For that we must design your living room attractive and beautiful. So, we will some inspiration for you on color ideas and modern furniture and you can apply in the house. 

1. Black and White Design

The house design with black and white color will make your living room spacious and cool. You can add sofa with the best quality. Lamp with unique design can make bright impression and beautiful. You can add patterned curtains. 

2. Flowers Design

For you who like flowers can add flowers wallpaper in areas living room. Wallpaper color pink can make your living room funny and interesting. You can add long table and flower vase. 

3. Modern Design 

Living room like modern design can you apply from this picture. You can add a mirror with stone ornament. Addition vase color blue in the corner can fills in empty areas. The lamp with warm color can make cozy when gathering and relaxing with your family. 

4. Nature and industrial 

Nature design can you apply for your living room. Combination industrial material and nature can make your living room cool and fresh. You can add smooth carpet with grey color.

5. White and Clean 

In this modern living room with glamorous white and clean can make healthy and simple. You can use sofa, cabinets, wall paint, etc with white color, so can make room spacious and bright. You can add ornamental plant in every corner in living room. 

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