Smart Small Kitchen and Design Idea Solutions

Smart Ideas For Small Kitchen

Do you have small kitchen ?? Don't worry moms, we give solutions for you about how to make a small kitchen to be large and comfortable. Read More ....

1. Simple Design

A simple kitchen can be looking clean and elegant. You can use a white and black color for your kitchen. Don't put too much stuff because it will make your kitchen dirty and messy.

2. Hanging Cabinets

Hanging Cabinets is solutions number two for your small kitchen because spend a lot space. You have free activities in your kitchen with your kids and family. Hanging cabinets with wood design give more natural and fresh for your small kitchen.

3. Wall Paint

Color selection for wall paint can make your small kitchen to be bigger, because bright color have good atmosphere. You can choose color like white, yellow, blue, cream because light colors will help create an expansive illusion of your kitchen.

4. Wallpaper

You can use wallpaper various motives as you will for your kitchen. Maybe you have customize to the home theme. Wallpaper can make your small kitchen to be bigger, wallpaper square motives as in the picture it make wide illusion for your small kitchen. 

5. Good Lighting 

Good lighting can make your small kitchen become loose. Air circulation is good idea, so the small kitchen becomes healthy and cool. Good lighting becomes a very important in the kitchen because it a make your small kitchen stuffiness. 

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