Best Style Small Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Rooms

Best Style Small Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Rooms

   The bathroom is a room that is commonly used for clean self activity. The bathroom function is very important and is a room that must be in the home. 
   Currently the function of the bathroom is not only as a site to clean the body, but for relaxation sites and develop creative ideas. So we give you the best style for you is a small bathroom.

1. White Paint and Patterned Floor 

The bathroom has a wall covered with white wall and the floor motives, contrasted but gives the impression of minimalist and elegant. You can add frame as wall hanging, so looking creative and playful.

2. Character Design 

If you like cartoon character you can choose bathroom design for you. May be you can choose hello kitty character it will make your bathroom be funny and interesting. Pink domination will make your bedroom become wider and brighter.

3. Colorful Design 

You can choose colorful design, it will make your bathroom bright and cheerful. You can stacking shelves in space corner. it can be used to put toiletries and plants. 

4. Mosaic Ceramic  

Kuntji ceramic is perfect for your bathroom so it will make it unique and different. You can combines with cream ceramic so as not to monotonous. 

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