Shabby chic Bathroom Decor Designs and Inspiration

Shabby chic Bathroom Decor Designs and Inspiration

When it comes to decorating our bathroom, it gets extremely confusing, with so many design options that are on the market,. For example, a good idea would be to decorate your bathroom in a shabby style. In case you don’t know how to do that, here are some inspiring shabby chic bathroom decor ideas.

Large bathroom

Consider yourself lucky, in case you have a large bathroom because you have plenty of decoration possibilities. A white bathroom is without any doubt an elegant choice. When decorating your bathroom in a shabby chic style, it is recommended that you use iron and vintage elements. The chic white bathroom cabinet perfectly integrates into the decor, and there is plenty of space to store most of your things. A chandelier will look absolutely incredible and it will totally change the aspect of your bathroom. It will certainly make it look luxurious.

It is important that you choose bright hues for the walls. White and light blue could be good options, but light green as you can see in this beautiful design is just perfect. It adds a warm touch to the whole bathroom. Mirrors are extremely important in a bathroom. The bigger they are, the better. Carpet in a bathroom? Yes, why not?! It will look absolutely gorgeous. Just make sure that it is a vintage one. A vintage bathtub will certainly complete the entire decor. Since the bathroom is prone to humidity, we advise you to install a dehumidifier in order to prevent mold from infiltrating your carpet and to protect the shabby chic bathroom furniture. In order to find the right dehumidifier for your bathroom so some research on a professional reviews website. Analyze the reviews presented there and choose a dehumidifier that will match the size of the room and which will b able to handle the bathroom humidity.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Accessories



With wall decor collection of shabby chic and vintage bathroom accessories, you can add some warmth and personality to your bathroom, and really. 

Charm and elegance are specific for a shabby chic decor. You could consider a great option, using a beautiful wallpaper, as the one in this decor, in order to create something different and sophisticated. Golden goes really nice with white and adds a charming look to the whole bathroom. If you have enough space to add a chic sofa as well, that would be absolutely fantastic. You can just relax for a while after you have a bath. A beautiful old frame mirror will add an elegance and a charm to your bathroom, as it does in this decor. When decorating a bathroom in a shabby chic style, it is recommended to add a vintage chandelier or other vintage lighting elements.