10 Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas Will be Suitable for your Home

Nothing is more refreshing to the senses than to walk into an immaculately clean, beautifully aromatic bathroom that is also dressed in its own color scheme. The traditional bathroom would possibly have a curtain, shower area and maybe a tub for relaxing on those long exhausting evenings. Consider designing a powder room into a shabby chic ambiance keeping in mind that this does not always have to mean an all white decor. 

The real purpose of course would be to give the room a somewhat antique appearance; this is basically the meaning of shabby chic. An old dresser of course will do, up against a neutral painted wall background. If possible add an oil lamp to the mix and a rug on the floor that has been obviously too worn out to place anywhere else in the house. An old fashioned washroom can be constructed with wooden floors and antiquated chandeliers for a more retro look.

This type of decor may not always be appreciated by many folks reason being people wanting to see newness, brightness and modernized items in their homes. A somewhat distressed form of interior designing must be caught on by someone with an eye, a passion for the outmoded. An outed shower and toilet area can be furnished with other unwanted or used pieces of furniture in your home. A chair or table in a fairly dilapidated condition can be used to store towels, toiletries and other well needed miscellaneous, yet relevant objects. Provided this is not possible, invest in a few antique or shabby chic items that will create the setting you desire. Try using dull and neutral colors if white is not your thing, or consider a washed out lace curtain to place around the plunge bath. 

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The details came together so beautifully in this #fawnrunproject master bath! Personal fan of those gorgeous light fixtures. And let's be honest - if you can swing it, go ahead and put that second sink in. It could save your relationship 😉