Small House Design with Store 3.5 x 5 Meters - Two-storey house that is built on 17.5 sqm maybe bring a narrow accent. But, with good design and arrangement, you can create cozy living and complete with the store. Get a look at these Small House Design with Store | 3.5 x 5 Meters. Check it out!

Front view

From the front view, you will see the house on two floors with a store on the ground floor or first floor. And there are stairways placed outside. Make the front area design with a mini garden or patio to make this small house feel stunning and fresh.

Side view

You will see the stairway from the ground floor to the second floor at the outside. And there is a side door on the ground floor which makes it easy to enter or exit the store. Especially the balcony on the second floor perfect for 'me time' or just enjoying the environment.

First-floor looks (store)

For the ground floor area, it is used as a shop. You can arrange it in such a way according to what type of store you will use. Of course, store arrangement needs to pay attention to the comfort of sellers and buyers and guarantee store security.


The bedroom can access the balcony which also makes you can see the outside. Make sure to design in simple and efficient your bedroom for a cozy place to rest after a busy day.


Linear kitchens that are placed after the dining room also use efficient and compact designs. The cabinet helps the kitchen tidy, it also makes it easy to put or save stuff for cooking.

Floor plan

For the first floor, just use for store area.
House features of the second floor:
  • bedroom
  • balcony
  • kitchen
  • dining room
  • bathroom

Source : Youtube - PORMA HOUSE

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